Are you a frustrated parent unsure of how to manage your child’s behaviors? Is your child or teen experiencing difficult emotions that affect his or her home life, academic performance or daily functioning? Perhaps your family is dealing with some difficulties or unforeseen circumstances? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

I serve children, adolescents, and families who are experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties by using a systemic approach. What that really means is, I provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals are able to express themselves, play, heal and hopefully find what they have been looking for through building a stronger self. I truly believe in an individual’s resiliency and the capacity to grow.

Come share your story and embark on this journey with me!


Serving children and adolescents ages 3-17 along with families. Individual counseling for young adults 18-21 experiencing life changes.


Use strength-based practices to address social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. Services offered:

Ages 3-12

Play Therapy
School Consultations

Ages 13-17

Individual Therapy
School Consultations

Young Adults
Ages 18-21

Individual Therapy


Family Therapy
Child Parent Relationship Therapy
Parent Workshops


Located in the Osdorf/Niendstedten area (Kronprinzenstrasse 54, 22587 Hamburg).